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  • Junk box

    Pops busted a clasp on his Pachmayr 500 case and couldn't find a replacement (needs slight step to go over alum reinforcement strap around edge).
    Got a new clasp but it had no step.

    He got PO'd and stuck it upstairs. B*tched about it for a couple of yrs LOL

    I dug it out and studied it.........hmmm, there is a clasp on each side at the front, and one middle of the back for a fold out.
    They are the same (all have step).

    So............removed rear and put it on the side, used the flat base one he bought way back, and put that on the rear where no step needed.

    So now this big clunky cheap POS Pachmayr case is back in action LOL

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    The locking nuts on the left do stick up a bit compared to rivets on right, so I may change those, just for aesthetic symmetry.

    Old Bushnell 25X Sentry had paint chipped. I used no filler, just hit it w textured patio furniture paint and it looks way better (I have the 40X eyepiece too).
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      I went to work for a PD once. About halfway through my training period, one of the cops I befriended handed me a huge case.
      It was for a radar gun.
      It sits in a corner, chock full of loose tools! LOL!
      It's 14"l ×14"w×10"h
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        I may buy a rolling toolbox, stackable, to put my tools/parts in.
        The ol lady said that'd be a great idea.
        Told her itd be in the den, not garage...........she mumbled something negative LOL


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          Cool that you’re putting stuff back in action. That little spotter would work well on our indoor range, is there a mount with it?

          I moved a pile of stuff at a gun show / flea market last Sunday, first time ever getting a spot. Freed up some storage space and put a nice amount of fun money back in my pocket. Gave a few guys better deals than I probably should have but the idea was to send it all and I almost did. Won’t miss any of it.

          I’ve mentioned before I have a stacked Craftsman tool chest down in the man cave. They’re great for keeping things organized and handy. Picked up a gloss black set on clearance that matches my gun safe so it doesn’t look out of place with the rest of the decor. Roller draws are heavy enough to hold as much ammo as will fit in them.


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            There is a small slider mount somewhere and a range type tall stand ( odd type tripod ).

            I was gonna get a window mount and just keep it in the Jeep for scanning fields ( since it not worth much ).

            My cheap Steiner XC binos are in Alaska right now.
            Oldest kid took em on vacation.


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              Glad you cleared some stuff out.


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                BTW............the rigs

                Front is High Standard 106 Trophy
                Middle is an E series Python
                and at the back an old Colt frame w Kart slide.

                Would def look better in a more vintage type of box




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