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Shooting pistols, chasing bluegills as you can't just mow lawn every day

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  • Shooting pistols, chasing bluegills as you can't just mow lawn every day

    Have a couple nice days (Tuesday & Wednesday) so some of us are getting together at a friends house to shoot pistols. Tuesday's takeaways----
    The Bond arms roughneck is as a good a shooter as their top of line. Barrels interchange, trigger as good or better. The guy had both models with 45acp,38special,22mag,& 45lc/410. These are thick, heavy pistols, not flyweights. Some 1911's. Couple guys had NAA mini revolvers (.22) I don't get the use. Novelty I guess. Nobody could hit sh** with one. Speaking of which, 44 CCI birdshot out of my 29-2 is peeing in the wind as well. The shot flies everywhere. My mk4 performed well, of course. Red dots are the way to go. We are all getting together today for a couple hours again. Most of us will have our 38/357 revolvers today. S&W, Colt, Charter Arms, Taurus will all be represented. Some 2" some 4" a few like mine at 6". Metal clangers & silhouettes, maybe a shoot 'n see or two. Shot up the dolls and melons yesterday. Might have some fruit and veggies around.
    Was tempted to chase squirrels but campers are saying the biting flies are driving everyone away from the woods. Will wait on mid August hickories.
    Stay safe, pull a trigger when you can.
    P.S. you guys that chase bluegills with crickets. Can you believe how good the fishing is? Unreal! And the size! For grins I took the fly reel off my fly outfit and put an ultralight spin reel with 6lb mono on. What a blast!

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    "... you can't just mow lawn every day ..."

    Yes you can.
    Smaller mower.
    Slower pace.

    ....but I prefer fishing and shooting ...too! LOL!


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      You ought to get the Strikeman laser system. Practice anytime and not waste ammo. We set it up a couple times a week. Teaches good trigger control. Computer keeps track of everyone score so you can see your progress.


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        Dewman, there's some good subject matter in that post.

        I'm not a fan of the NAA mini's. Like you said, can't hit anything at any distance but that's not what they're for. A few years back there was an old local guy who dropped two criminals with one. Killed one of the bad guys with a shot to the head close up and put the other in the hospital. The deceased was reported to have said, "Pops, how would you like dying today?" I'm thinking that's what set the old man into action.

        My Dad accidently shot himself with one of those NAA's in .22 mag. He was getting dressed for the day, slipping the revolver into his pants pocket as usual. He must have snagged the hammer on the way in and the gun fired, lodging the bullet about 1 inch deep into the opposite thigh. The old bird has tough legs and the bullet just barely missed his 'junk' so all ended up ok. But the police thoroughly question my Mom at the emergency room to verify it wasn't her shooting.

        I like using crickets on light tackle for bream but haven't done it in a while. Lots of fun!


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          Dolls? I’m missing something.

          Grasshoppers are great bait too, I’ve never used crickets but once when visiting relatives in NC we stopped at a Walmart and had to check out the sporting goods area. They had containers of them and the noise that were making was hilarious to hear in the store. Didn’t think I’d like working the counter all day though.

          Our summer looks pretty laid back at this point, hoping to get back out soon and do more load development.




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