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Unsafe Firearm-Ammunition Combinations

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  • Unsafe Firearm-Ammunition Combinations

    I just saw this topic in an email from Hodgdon. Below is a link to a SAAMI list of unsafe combinations. Have you experienced any of these? What do you do to prevent this?

    The only instance I've experienced is in placing .243 Win into a 7.62x54R chamber. The Mosin-Nagant sounded weak when I fired and showed no damage. But the empty case was stuck and had to be pried out.

    Unsafe-Arms-and-Ammunition-Combinations-Web-Site-and-Brochure-Master-Revised-8-24-2020.pdf (

    Here's some common ones:

    22 Winchester Magnum - unsafe to chamber the following:
    > 17 Precision Made Cartridge
    > 22 BB Cap
    > 22 CB Cap
    > 22 Short
    > 22 Long
    > 22 Long Rifle
    > 22 Long Rifle Shot

    12 Gauge - unsafe to chamber the following:
    > 16 Gauge
    > 20 Gauge

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    Saw a guy get 3 rounds of 270 out of a bolt action '06. Always thought it wouldn't chamber but I've seen it with my own 2 eyes. The blast is noticeable. I've seen some revolvers and shotguns that had been blown to bits at various gunsmiths over the years but that's was the only one I recall off the top of my head that I actually saw.
    When brother and his boy shoot deer rifles with me we don't even have our gear OUT at the same time. 7-08 & 308 are way to close. Same with my other nephew and his 243.
    When my little 17hm2 let loose I couldn't believe the power in that tiny case.




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