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Oldest gun you bought and still have?

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  • Oldest gun you bought and still have?

    Saw this on 24 hour campfire and thought it an interesting question. What is the oldest gun you bought that you STILL have? Did you buy it new? Doesn't have to have been bought new but not talking about the one you had longest then got rid of. The one still with you. And of course any special plans you have for it.

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    Wanted to add its interesting that so many of them haven't been shot for decades, especially after so much $$ and time was spent customizing them. This should generate a lot of questions & thoughts so if this thread takes off on tangents (hijacked) it does so with my blessing.


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      Does an inheritance count? LOL!
      I have an L.C. Smith 16 gauge. The SN indicates it's mfg year as 1904. It was handed down to me by a great uncle when I was 3 or 4 years old. I truly can't remember exactly.
      I do remember I was allowed to carry it but I couldn't hold both ends off the floor!

      Oldest I've purchased and still own?

      I guess that would be my Remington "Sportsman" 16 gauge that recently had Briley choke tubes installed.
      Remington began manufacturing the "Sportsman" in 16 gauge in 1932 and began with SN 200000. Per the Remington website, the SN on my gun indicates it was one of the first 500 made.

      I do have a single shot Remington "Target Master" .22 that my grandfather owned. I know he had it through the Great Depression or earlier and I have no idea of it's age. I do know that I've shot it several times and it is still "VERY" accurate.

      One Win M12 mfg 1936 and another mfg 1954.

      jimbo made me think!
      The oldest "new" gun I have is a Steven's M67D 16 gauge pump shotgun given to me by my parents in 1966 on my 16th birthday. It was brand new! It will stay until I'm gone.
      It's one of the five 16 gauge guns I have! LOL!
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        I have a gun made in 1922 I bought in 1965. I also have one made in 1965 I bought new in 1965. Model 94 made in 1957.
        J.C.Higgins .22 bought new 1956.


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          My oldest:

          The receiver of my Finnish Mosin Nagant was most likely captured from the Russians around WWI. But, I would need to pull the stock to check the receiver's tang for the date of manufacture. According to the barrel stamp, the Finns re-barreled and changed the trigger group in 1941.

          I bought the rifle at a flea market for $85. With iron sights I can do around 2 MOA with 180gr SP factory loads. Have never shot a deer or pig with it. Here's a photo from the last time I hunted with it, back in January 2008.

          Demopolis 05 r.jpg


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            I still have the Colt 1911 I bought new in early 90s.

            Bought a Savage and a Remington a while back, not quite 100 yrs old. No longer have- couldn't find a peep for the Remington (couldn't use barrel sights) and the Savage was awkward/heavy when scoped.

            Do have one rig, inherited, that's over 100 yrs old.

            Did clean up the gunk on my dad's old Ruger SBH. Proly not been shot in 30 yrs. Needs new ejector rod housing, old one won't tighten up.
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              Oldest gun that I bought probably would have been a single shot 12ga marked Forehand Arms Co. that I bid $20 for at an estate auction maybe made from the 20’s or 30’s. I ended up selling it to a relative who wanted it for a wall hanger for the same amount. Oldest using gun would have been a Mossberg 151K from a gun show for $35 that I traded in at a Cabela’s for $70. Still not sure about that decision but no harm done.

              Oldest gun bought for me is my single shot Savage model 3 from the 30’s that I still have. Because it can use shorts it’s my go to garden vermin rifle.

              My “aunt” gave me her Father in Laws Winchester 1911 12ga auto loader, the model is commonly know as the widow maker due to having to pull back on the barrel to chamber the first round. Folks have been known to do so with the buttstock on the ground pushing straight down. I’ve never fired it but would love to kill a turkey with the thing.

              Oldest gun I own was given to me by my Grandfather just three weeks before an unexpected heart attack killed him. It’s a Stevens model 40-1/2 .25cal rim fire. I was 13, folks say he’d been talking about giving it to me since I was about 5. He had eight kids and at least 35 grandkids and no will. I always have wondered if he had some kind of premonition Edit: this one is from around the 1880’s.
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                fitch270, the Win M1911, is that the one with the steel lined fiberglass barrel?


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                  Originally posted by FirstBubba View Post
                  fitch270, the Win M1911, is that the one with the steel lined fiberglass barrel?
                  Nope, it’s a conventional design. Basically a Browning copy with a few tweaks to avoid patent infringement. The biggest problem is a lack of cocking handle in the bolt which requires you to pull back on the barrel to load the first round from the magazine or to unload unfired rounds. It does have a bolt stop and release but I’m guessing some guys just got in a hurry or couldn’t get a good one handed grip on the barrel’s knurling. Phil B ran a post about these guns a few years back. I checked the serial number on a Winchester site and it dated to 1914.

                  Phil also posted my Stevens .25 in the short lived follow up to Gunfight Friday about readers guns.

                  Figured this was a good excuse to get both out in the daylight, I’ll give them the once over before putting them away.
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                    That was the Model 59 Winchester that had the steel lined, fiberglass barrel.
                    It was a "Super-lite" with an aluminum reciever.
                    They just weren't well recieved.


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                      That'd be the 1967/68 Remington 760 that I bought a year ago. My number 4 Mark 1 Enfield is the oldest gun I own, but was given to me by my grandfather.


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                        I never answered the original question. The oldest gun I have that I bought would be my Rem 700 BDL .270 circa 1987.


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                          Think a Rem pump I bought was from late 20s. Had a 99 from 35. My 760 was made in 63.
                          My oldest is now a 103 yr old rig inherited.


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                            I still have a Stevens 94 12 gauge that Dad bought for me 60 years ago. Somewhat the worse for wear.




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