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17hm2 explodes in the chamber

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  • 17hm2 explodes in the chamber

    IMG_2254.JPG $65 to replace magwell& clip if gun is o.k.Was at a friends shooting our rimfires at flocks of blackbirds. Me with my ever present CZ. I lined up on one, pulled the trigger, and POW! Hot gas and debris hit my face. Pieces of metal and plastic were blown into my left palm. My magazine was blown out of the gun in pieces, the mag well is cracked all the way down, and there is a bullet stuck in my barrel. Sucks. I'll start the search for a mag well and magazines after I get the barrel cleared and inspect the chamber and bore. Here's the case. IMG_2250.JPG IMG_2252.JPG
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    Dang, I wonder what caused that overpressure. Are you sure there wasn't a barrel obstruction?

    Doing a quick web search shows this is not so rare. Most people suggest contacting the ammo manufacturer. They may want to examine the rest of the box/lot and may compensate you for the damage.


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      Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
      Dang, I wonder what caused that overpressure. Are you sure there wasn't a barrel obstruction?

      Doing a quick web search shows this is not so rare. Most people suggest contacting the ammo manufacturer. They may want to examine the rest of the box/lot and may compensate you for the damage.
      When I clear the barrel I should get more answers, I'll do it in the morning. Was an old CCI "fast and furious " I bought this summer.


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        CCI has this warning on their site:

        "To All 17 Mach 2 Shooters

        Understanding the popularity of firearm modification and customization in the rimfire community, there are compelling reasons for 17 Mach 2 shooters to be made aware of the dangers inherent in creating or modifying firearms. The 17 Mach 2 is a specially designed cartridge that relies on a manufacturer or professional gunsmith paying especially close attention to the specifications set by SAAMI-the shooting industry’s regulating board. Due to the intricacies of this cartridge, ammunition manufacturers will be placing the following warning (or similar language to this effect) on all 17 Mach 2 product packaging. The manufacturers of this great product are excited to bring it to rimfire shooters everywhere, but urge everyone to please keep safety the number one priority by following guidelines set by the experts.

        Thank you.

        WARNING: To avoid serious injury from a ruptured cartridge, 17 Mach 2 ammunition should only be used in firearms with components specifically designed to safely fire 17 Mach 2 ammunition, including the firearm's action components (bolt/firing mechanism). Do not use this ammunition in firearms that have been modified unless ALL the action components have been specifically designed or verified by the firearm manufacturer as useable for 17 Mach 2.

        Warnings (


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          Dang, that ain't good. How's your hand and face now? Glasses on at the time? If that was the first shot of the day then it's possible the barrel was obstructed somehow but I'm guessing ammo problem. Easy fix if it's just the mag well and magazine but CCI ought to be checking the rest of that ammo out. Any idea if there was a recall on the lot number? Might take some effort but you shouldn't have to pay for repairs if the ammo was faulty.

          We just got back from shooting our match for the week and I've been trying different holds on the forearm, think I'll keep in front of the mag well from now on. I have to remove the mag to make the weight requirement so my hand would take the full blast if that happened to me. I had tried holding that far back since the forearm was basically flush with the mag out. I'll mention it to the rest of the clan as well since all 5 of us are shooting basically the same rifle as you.

          Hope you get her back together quick and shake it off. Having that happen with a favorite rifle can't be easy to take.


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            Dewman, I would mention that event on Rimfire Central. You may hear about others experience Only thing I can think of is a double or triple charge, Jim
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              A lot of the warnings were because semi auto 22's were being modified with only a barrel change. Think Ruger 10/22. Rem 597. You need a heavier bolt and return spring,not to mention build up in the throat from lots of shooting would cause the case to not be completely chambered. Not my issue. There is a chance (small one) that the previous bullet came out of the casemouth when ejecting the shell. I single loaded and ejecting a lot. Tomorrow I should have some answers.
              I was wearing glasses. Eyes watered from gas and I picked a couple pics of either plastic or brass out of my palm.
              I may put it on Rimfirecentral but I know some 17hm2 fanatic will go ballistic thinking I'm badmouthing their darling out of spite. Those guys take every negative post or comment as a personal attack.


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                That's bad news dewman!
                I'm pretty sure you could tell a dud load was fired previously.
                Since you've fired the gun many tines in the past, I'm going with bad ammo.
                CCI (Federal) should compensate you.

                Kid back home ordered a stack barrel 20 gauge back in the late 60's.
                First hunt with it, ducks were coming in hot and heavy.
                He said the first shot sounded funny but he killed the duck, then shot another and quickly reloaded.
                The third shot he fired was really weird and he took the shotgun off his shoulder.
                HUGE bulge in the barrel!
                The 2 previous hulls at his feet (Federal), one had the base wad missing.
                Federal wouldn't touch it!
                Got to shoot a brand new gun 3 times!
                I don't know if Bobby had the gun rebarreled or not. Knowing Bobby, probably so.




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