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  • Grips and stocks

    so I was shooting the 357 I received from my father yesterday afternoon. The magnas that came on it gave me a good grip but were small enough to make the gun feel top heavy. I took the targets off my 44 and the balance got much better, but n frame target grips are way too large for my hands. Than I remembered I had bought some Hogue finger grooves for my 44, they had to be here somewhere. Found them, perfect fit and feel on my 357. Do you fellas prefer aftermarket grips on your handguns? Do you change them for function, or looks? Same question for long guns. Better fit, function, or looks?

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    M686-. came from factory with Hogue grips (Classic hunter model) but they set the gun too high in my hand. Bought a set of the old Target grips, square butt factory grips. Love the fit and position.

    M29 Mountain- same thing. This is a later round butt though. Bought factory targets...much too thin. Prefer the Hogue's on this one, although a Pachmyer might be something to try.

    For rifles, I like a thicker wrist, contrary to most, with a palm swell. Schnabel forend is nice. Don't really like the fit of a cheek pad, but like the looks. And the effective cast-on really takes some if the face slap out if heavy recoiling rifles. Winchester FWT stocks probably fit me the best.


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      I could not shoot my Blackkhawk with factory. got these and they work fine. Ruger .357mag.JPG


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        I haven't shot handguns enough to comment but have been swapping around rifle stocks enough the last few years to really notice the differences in handling and feel. Balance being the main thing.

        The biggest improvement was in the boy's 7mm-08, shaving a half pound off the stock made the gun come to life. Not so much in overall weight but the way it shifted from between your hands to out on the muzzle. The thicker wrist of the B&C was noticable but it also aligns the pad of our index fingers on the trigger nicely. It's a different feel but not in a bad way.


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          Bought a M57 S&W. Had a gorgeous set of wooden, factory grips.
          Slick, poly finished, no checkering.
          Fit was great. Grip was crap!
          Went to a set of Pachmeyer (sp?). The grip is slimmer, but the grip is awesome. Sold the factory grips at a gun show.
          Put a set of Pachy's on a S&W M48.
          Fit is a bit slim, but fuller than the factories.




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