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When is it equipment vs when it is you?

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    Hit the range again to double check stuff.
    Only took the 760 and 77MKII.
    Both drilling the bullseye. But only shot 50 yards.

    Looks like Ill only be hunting the thicket this season.

    Ran the front bag high and braced the butt w other hand. Just letting the forends lay on bag.

    Take the full hit when shooting that way. But I get good groups, and afield run a light touch.

    Has worked well for decades. But I do get slammed.
    Thank goodness no more 12 ga slug guns LOL


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      "When is it equipment versus when it is you?"
      For me, it is a combination of both.
      I look at accuracy and precision, whether from the bench or from a field shooting position, to be a systems approach, of which, I am very important part.


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        Sometimes I'm the problem, but at least I'm trying instead of sitting at home


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          Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
          Sometimes I'm the problem, but at least I'm trying instead of sitting at home
          That is true of all of us, at one time or another.




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