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Has anyone been following this saga as long as I have (1st & 2nd Amendment, 3d Printed Guns)?

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  • Has anyone been following this saga as long as I have (1st & 2nd Amendment, 3d Printed Guns)?

    For those that don't know, there are Materials that you can use to Additive Manufacture / 3D print low pressure polymer rounds. They're higher end materials and I believe the highest pressure capable of repeat shots was a .380acp
    DefDist. posted information on how to build them, the information is in fact the code to "print" your own if you chose, you would still need a few other parts from the hardware store
    I've been following this since the story broke, but it looks like Justice Dept. is backing down. This is major news on the gun control front.

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    How does a 3D printer spit out a metallic object?


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      Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
      How does a 3D printer spit out a metallic object?
      the plans that Cody put out is for a polymer pistol. The original Liberator plans are for a polymer .380acp. 15 of the 16 parts of the firearm were ABS, the 16th part was the firing pin. Feds tested fired one in 2013. The bottom line is ABS is the minimum strength material that should be used.

      However, There are several ways for metal if that's what you're after. SLS (Selective laser sintering), DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), EBM (Electron Beam Melting) are all full metal additive manufacturing processes. They're expensive, but you can "print" something fully in metal. There are other lesser used processes but those are the primary processes.

      As for some other methods:
      A less direct method is something like metal injection molding which is used by most firearm manufacturers today. 3d printers can be used like a close cousin to that process and the piece is "printed" in its green state, and then "cooked" in an oven. The polymer cooks off and the metal sinters together. It's actually a very reliable technology.


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        There is a story about him on facebook this am - friday.




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