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John B Snow, in spring 2018 issue

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  • John B Snow, in spring 2018 issue

    Your 6.5 PRC article shows a 143 ELD-X bullet you shot a mule deer with. Did the lead separate from the jacket? Every el d-x I've recovered has been disappointing. I believe the Accubond LR is a far superior hunting bullet.

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    ElkHunter35, welcome to the site. You're right, the photo included with Mr. Snow's article showed the bullet from the base. From that angle you can't really tell how much lead was left in the copper jacket.

    Hornady's page for the bullet shows expansion without separation at 1800fps and 2600fps.

    I found an excellent article at Panhandle Precision describing the use of the bullet on several different game animals. The author found jacket separation in some of his recovered bullets but didn't seem concerned because of the terminal results. The link is below. They were using the .260 Remington and the .260 Terminator.

    I'm hunting with the factory load for the 143gr ELD-X in 6.5 Creedmoor. So far, I've only shot a medium sized pig at close range (30 yards) and didn't recover the bullet. However, it performed very well with a chest shot. The pig traveled about 20 yards before falling and was dead when I walked up to it.

    From what cartridges did you shoot the ELD-X?




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