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If you got an unexpected $1500 what firearm would you purchase ?

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    Originally posted by Happy Myles View Post
    Having dreams and goals help keep us young and vibrant even when the years stack up and that seems to happen quickly, especially when you wake up as old as I. If Africa is one of those dreams try to do it soon. It is changing so rapidly but still a wonderful journey. I have never heard anyone say it was an overrated event. Ever.
    Jumbo, I spend little time in South Africa,usually travel through Johannesberg airport. It is my understanding citizens may own firearms, if they have various competency certificates and licenses per regulations. I am aware crime is terrible in that country and isolated farms are hit hard. I have seen sophisticated electric fences around compounds with very tough, competent watch dogs. Life is not a piece of cake in S.A.


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      How did I miss this question?

      This one is a tough one for me because I do have a wish list. I've been feeling semi/automatic lately.

      So I would be torn between an M1A from Springfield, and the more likely purchase a Browning Gold 10 gauge.

      For sporting in general, my next purchase is probably a crossbow, so that might knock the Browning down a spot.




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