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New Bushnell TRS-25

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  • New Bushnell TRS-25

    It wasn’t an easy decision as I’ve tried to convince myself to stop buying cheap Chinese optics but I’ve had good luck with three of these and the deal was too good to pass up. Midway USA currently has them marked down to $69.99 and Bushnell is offering a $30 rebate. I’d been eyeing the Japan made Ultra Dots but they run over $200 and I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on what’s basically a plinking rig. For a bit over $40 with tax it's the least I’ve paid for one going back 10 years or better since buying the first.

    Anyway here it is sitting on my S&W 22 A-1


    The first thing I noticed out of the box was the plainer looking graphics. No big deal but I like the older look better.


    Last edited by fitch270; 03-10-2022, 07:35 PM.

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    When I mounted it up I started noticing some changes that seem to be improvements. Right off the bat I could see the glass was much brighter. For a cheap red dot these have a decent reputation for being solid but they have some drawbacks, one of which had been the glass quality. It’s very apparent they changed coatings, the reflected color viewed from the front is pink compared to the orange of the older one.


    Where this really seems to make a difference is when sighting through the optic. The knock on the older style was that the glass had a very noticeable greenish tint. The new one still has some of the same tint but no where near as heavy. Forgive the angle of the picture, this was hard to get in the light so you can actually see it.


    One other complaint about these was the emitter for the dot being quite visible, something fairly common with other tube style red dots. You can see in this pic however the emitter in the newer one is different and much less noticeable.

    Edit; Almost forget; they changed the mounting system just a little as well. The new cross bolt has a bit larger head on it which will hopefully keep it from stripping out. It’s still an Allen deal and the one on my daughter’s shotgun is buggered up from taking it off an on between spring and fall hunting seasons. Unfortunately it’s an oddball metric size thread so not easy to find a replacement. I should contact Bushnell when I go online to see if they’d send a replacement or two. The new style won’t fit the older unit, I tried already, so if they don’t have any of the early ones I’ll have to check with Fastenal. I’ve read online that there are other options but you have to go looking.

    The clamping piece that the bolt threads into also has a pair of springs on it now. I have no idea what they’re for but you have to hang onto the sucker when you’re lining things up.

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      I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to sight this in, hopefully soon. I guess I’ll find out if the changes they made were for the better or not. One final thing that’s different is that the box says these now have a “lifetime” guarantee of some sort. Seems a bit bold for a cheap optic with electronics. I haven’t registered it just yet but will be going online to see what the warranty really is. The paperwork in the box only says that the user and warranty info is available online. I’ve registered other optics with Bushnell and hadn’t been bombarded with spam offers so will probably do so with this one.



      Not really pushing these on anyone but found the differences interesting. I have no idea when the changes happened, the first one I bought for my turkey gun came in the brown box over ten years ago. I bought two more 6-7 years ago when the Kid was about old enough to hunt. Other than the packaging being different the older optics appeared exactly the same.
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        Excellent review Fitch. Petzal or Bourjaily couldn't have done better. Great photos too. Glad you posted it here instead of F&S. A tr-25 was the first dot I ever put on a pistol. Though I moved on to reflexes for pistols (lighter-faster) I still have it and it still works fine. These work better than a reflex on rifles in my opinion as there is less back glare. A 10/22 couldn't be better served if you want both speed & accuracy. The small gripes people had with them were never an issue with me. Looking at how they addressed them, coupled with the discounted price makes it hard to think of a better value in a dot.👍🏻👍🏻


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          The tweaks they’ve made definitely seem to be improvements, hopefully I'll get as good service with this one as the others. Like you I had no complaints with the previous ones, it’s not like you can expect Trijicon level performance for 1/8’th the price. All told I’m a bit over $200 into the four combined and won’t be depending on them for a once in a lifetime Sheep hunt or personal protection.

          Worst thing that happens is I get bit by the bug for an actual target set up.


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            The ol lady has earlier version TRS25 on her 1022 anniv blued/ grey lam. Loves it

            Tried one on a handgun and the small window w " stuff around it " was not cool when pushed out.

            Closer to the eye that stuff goes away and IMHO theyre quite usable.

            Rifle or shotgun? 👍

            I have been tempted to try Romeo 5, similar size w smaller dot and auto on/ off feature. Cost more but still small window. Dunno about cowitness on MSR.

            Run a reflex.clocked on my gamer rig and like it being " open ".

            Been wondering about PA prism w ACSS.

            I was gonna put a reflex on shotgun for turkey. But have my two already commited.

            May borrow the old ladys TRS25.

            Yup, because they work!


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              IMG_2761.jpg Was given a brand new Firefield impact xl yesterday. Been playing around with it and like it so I'm going to try it out on my 10/22
              Last edited by dewman; 04-02-2022, 09:55 AM.


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                Weather hasn’t been great on the weekends so I still haven’t shot the S&W yet, or anything else for that matter. Not much in the way of spring cleanup outside this year which is good as our schedule is filling up fast.

                The Kid’s first baseball game is this afternoon and it’s not supposed to break 45* today. It’s 32* out right now. Still stoked. It starts a run of about three games a week per kid, plus youth turkey weekend coming up ahead of the May 1’st season opener. Excited for all of it but know it’s going to fly by way too fast.


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                  Mowed lawn first time yesterday (the 1st). Already had mowed twice by this time last year.
                  Crappie fishing was barely ok. Crappie tournaments on every lake every time we went.
                  Turkey opens the 18th. Might go as we had bunches around us during deer seasons.
                  Have a Bergara buddy. He has the carbon, has a 24x scope and suppressor (has a sparrow but is waiting on the paperwork for his DAM) which he mostly shoots blackbirds with. Doesn't squirrel hunt, or any small game for that matter. Mostly he's a shooter. Has the expensive 22 target ammo which is all he shoots. We have learned a few things though----
                  1. No longer wanting a suppressor. I used his on mine. My hearing is way to gone for it to matter, maybe if I had a pistol that was threaded. All his 22's are.
                  2. Match ammo really doesn't shoot any better than CCI target (1050fps).
                  3. He swapped his bolt knob for a big black ball (phenolic) and he's wanting Boyds to either make a wild at-one stock or a fancy Walnut. I'm content. There's nothing wrong with either the stock or the knob but some people just can't leave good alone. We both HATE the 30moa rail base it comes with. He switched to an EGW 0 moa rail but I know Talley is coming out with lightweights soon so I'll wait for them then put a 4x Leupold on it and be happy as a clam.
                  I remember growing up in Michigan and freezing playing baseball.
                  So many memories. Good luck, stay safe




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