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Blade for 2022

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  • Blade for 2022

    Maybe a new knife will bring me better luck next year LOL.
    Buddy textd, said Behring is done w our order. He had the wood one built, I went w the LT EDC.
    Should be here in a couple days.

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  • #2
    What were your original specifications ? I see a flat blade with no blood grove or second rivit in handle. No lanyard hole ?
    the other is heavier looking and look they will be a good skinning knife. Will the cord be easy to clean ?


    • #3
      The wood one doesnt have scales, is hollow
      The wrapped one gets epoxy coating over the cord.


      • #4
        Clean sided blades have worked well for me for decades. Dont need a blood groove.


        • #5
          New knives are always a joy! That's a nice looking blade. I'm like you and want my meat slicing knives to be without blood groove.

          I'm giving my son-in-law a Cold Steel survival fixed blade. The CSK is discontinued and is unused from my collection. He's a former Marine and should be able to use the blade better than I could in a fight.

          Last weekend I gave my girlfriend a Spyderco folder. She's been carrying a cheap knife and the Spyderco is a significant self-defense upgrade. The Matriarch has a unique blade design for laying open an attacker's abdomen.


          • #6
            Picked it up today.
            Gonna be my gutting and skinning knife of the imaginary buck I shoot w my imaginary recurve


            • #7
              Just checked out his website, very nice stuff but a bit out of my league. I always have to check out the customs at gun shows. Very rarely pick one up since I’m not planning to buy but still like window shopping.

              Your blade profile looks similar to my Cold Steel knife. What steel is it? Should be a brute, I can cut through the sternum of deer I’m not worried about saving the capes from. Good skinner too.

              Turns out The Kid took my hint about the Grohmann Canadian Belt Knife I’ve been thinking about for years. Problem was when my wife went to order one she decided they should ask what options I wanted rather than spend that kind of money on the wrong one. So it won’t be a surprise or arrive for another few weeks. I ended up going carbon steel with the custom flat grind like is almost always recommended. Originally I thought I’d go old school stag or Buffalo horn for the scales but decided at the last minute to get black Micarta for durability and easy maintenance. The practical side of me wins out again. Will post up when it shows.

              Enjoy your new knife!


              • #8
                Related, a new gal at work decided we should all do the Secrete Santa deal this year. I bought a bottle of booze for my recipient and got a Gerber Airlift knife. $25 Chinese deal but seems ok for a knock around piece. Part of the handle works as the lock, a bit backwards to release because you push out not in. Right now it’s tight but we’ll see how it holds up.

                Gave my daughter a somewhat comparable but lighter Gerber folder with a half serrated blade I had since she didn’t have a knife.




                • #9
                  FWIW I actually like black micarta a bunch.
                  Dunno what steel/ hardness Behring makes.
                  Used to coat para w marine epoxy. Now doesnt.
                  When it gets nasty, send back for rewrap I reckon.

                  Heck, may never get used
                  Gotta kill a buck......w my recurve......

                  BTW thats the console of my 220K mile Jeep ZJ.

                  If I can limp it another month or two maybe I can buy a fancier knife



                  • #10
                    This showed up unexpectedly today. My wife never even got a confirmation that the order processed. No complaints.

                    Turns out I told them to order rosewood handles, I’d been wavering on it and couldn’t remember what I’d actually said. Looks wise I like them, I’d been thinking Micarta for durability but I like the natural vibe of these.

                    I’ve been wearing it in my hip all evening and can hardly notice it’s there, the sheath rides great. I’m pleased as punch, now I just need to fill a tag on Saturday and test it out for real.




                    • #11
                      Good looking blade Fitch. I think either handle material would have looked good on that particular knife. Remember to take it off before you go to bed.😉 Looks like a lot of guys on here picked up a new blade.


                      • #12
                        Cool blade Fitch. Rosewood is good stuff.
                        Hope you get to test it out soon!




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