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    Originally posted by PigHunter View Post
    What do they call that cammo pattern ?


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      Mossy Oak Treestand I believe. Came out in the 90s.


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        Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

        What do they call that cammo pattern ?
        That's actually the Country DNA pattern.

        ALL NEW Country DNA | Mossy Oak

        "Country DNA features the most photo-realistic elements in the history of camo design, combined with a subtle connection to our original Bottomland pattern, the very roots of Mossy Oak."

        I like it for the Alabama woods for the break-up effect.


        • #19
          I like predator camo fall grey and cabelas outfitter camo.

          The First Lite camo aint bad either but the one tjey use on the Solitude stuff is different, called specter.
          Looks like an olive colored bark type.


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            Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

            Really nice deer.
            Thanks Jim.


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              Originally posted by CD2 View Post
              My buddy has the outfitter camo sweater w windshear. Nice lookin and comfy but I found the windshear to add some noise.

              So was reluctant to get my own ( ive worn his )

              Darn sharp looking sweater and proly good enough for most hunting.

              Maybe Im too picky and missed out.

              Fleece is horrible around here due the burrs. Reg clothing picks up enough and brushing em off/ picking them.....those little spines break off in my fingers. Get sore before they move enough to dig out.

              I have a lesser brand jacket w wind blocker and it was a set. Its just a casual jacket now.

              The ol lady got ready for work, dug some winter coat out of closet. That synthetic " zhick zhick zhick " about had me go ballistic. Freakin hate that, or the zing of Cordura.

              So yeah, i was finger on the button nuke China kinda pizzed at 730 am ( work 2nds so went to bed at 230 )

              I wear a beat up old cotton hoodie w some fuzzy lining. Work is rough on em anyway.

              Nice n quiet though.
              I’m the wrong guy to ask about noisy since my hearing is shot, but I don’t think the sweater is too bad. Mostly it depends on what you’re wearing directly underneath, there’s more swish with some synthetics but I only notice it when putting it on or taking it off.

              You probably wouldn’t like a puffy for an outer layer then, the ones I’ve been around do make noise.

              The Kryptek softshell jacket and pants I picked up are nice, low nap and quiet. The jacket is ok in cool temps but not cold, the pants have been fine with the right base layers for the conditions.


              • #22
                Almost forgot, I also have a pair of Cabela’s Dry Plus bibs that have been excellent. They’re uninsulated but cut the wind well in addition to being a decent rain shell. Fairly quiet for rain gear. Got them out of the Bargain Cave in the Hamburg PA store for less than $25.


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                  60 today, breezy, jeans and a T shirt LOL
                  Drove in muddy field to back edge, unloaded Big Game brand cheapy ladder stand (85 bucks w tax).
                  3 ladder sections and platform.
                  Pinned together by tree.
                  By myself I couldn't do the flip over per instructions. Gut under and pushed it up as platform tree bark grabbers slid on trunk.

                  My wrist is swollen and sore/weak. So this was pretty much a 1 armed deal. Hunting bud is down w the Covid so am on my own.
                  The center section stabilizer bar is supposed to be cinched w supplied rope.
                  Even w straps from platform wrapped around tree to ladder, it was rickety.

                  Took the single supplied ratchet strap and used it on the middle section stabilizer bar. That seemed to help.
                  Will buy another ratchet strap and add tomorrow.

                  High wind warning tonight, see if its still standing LOL.
                  Took me 30 mins to lug into woods and put up.
                  With 2 guys it'd been 15 mins.

                  Muzzleloader ends this weekend. Gas , extra strap and stand...........adds another 120 bucks to the hunt. Ridiculous.
                  But w screwed up shoulder and knee, a ladder is safer.
                  Better than going to the ER or jacking something up worse and needing surgery.


                  • #24
                    I’ll keep my fingers crossed it pays off for you.

                    I’ve been using ladder stands for years now so have gotten quite used to them. I’m spending extra on the next one for a bigger foot platform and a higher seat. I hate trying to balance on a narrow ledge while getting into position at full draw. Having my butt below my knees while sitting makes it tough to stand up discreetly as well. There’s another tree with a double trunk about 30’ from where we’ve set up with the hang on stand the past two years, it’s just off the wood line and will work much better breaking up our outline when the leaves are off. It became very apparent this year that even tucked in the branches it was easy to pick someone out of the hang on. My daughter and I actually watched one of the small bucks feed its way under that tree one evening then after walking past it he turned to look straight up at the empty stand. When the leaves are on it’s not a problem but once they drop you’re pretty much silhouetted from every direction. Putting a good ladder stand in the other tree should cut down on that while still being able to cover most of the same area.


                    • #25
                      If ya gots the coin.....check family traditions ladder stands.

                      I wanted the Muddy 1.5 but sold out local.
                      W my bud down sick I had to go with something I could put up by myself.

                      See if it survives the wind storm tonigh LOL.
                      It might be scrap by tomorrow.


                      • #26
                        Big trees seem to make deer not even pay attention.

                        But are a bear to get a chain around.

                        A ladder against a wide tree would be ideal.

                        Dunno how a person could set one up easily.


                        • #27
                          Goes much easier with two people for sure, the Kid has been a huge plus the past couple years.

                          I can cheat with the other tree, I have the loader on the tractor that I can use to get a heavy stand in place. Can drive right up to it. We’ve also brought up a decent extension ladder before to get a stand tied in without having to go up into it before it’s secured.

                          How’s your Bud holding up?


                          • #28
                            I suppose one could put some eye bolts in a fat tree and secure a ladder stand to those, no trying to get a chain or strap around.
                            Still be funky getting up to install bolts.

                            Bud said hes fatigued. Hopes to hunt bow after xmas.

                            No storm damage here, just raining, uneventful. Add strap to stand tomorrow before work. Supposed to rain Sat, so Sunday may be the last hurrah for boolits.
                            Last edited by CD2; 12-16-2021, 03:01 PM.


                            • #29
                              My 2 cents on camo clothing: Predator Fall Grey and Cabelas Outfitter pattern and similar seem to work better in open country rather than the woodsy patterns that turn you into a dark blob at distance. I love my Outfitter pattern duds. I’ve got 2 pair of Outfitter Berber fleece pants and the jacket. I see another company that I can’t recall is making Berber fleece in that pattern. It’s good in the wind but heavy when rain soaked. I bust out the Rivers West jacket and pants if it’s wet. I hate hunting deer or elk in the rain although I shot my bull this season in the rain and clouds and was soaking wet after the retrieve. Didn’t have my Rivers West on…..


                              • #30
                                Well its update time: Yeah I like the bibs.

                                Im right on the line between sizes, so after 3 times out........gonna hafta go up one size.
                                Bit of a costly mistake LOL

                                Oh well, be situated for next yr.

                                This season has sucked.




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