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Returned Leupold vx2 follow through-

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  • Returned Leupold vx2 follow through-

    Received my 2001 Leupold vx2 back from them today. Thankfully my scope was repaired instead of substituting. My lenses look amazing, can't believe they are the same. Here is my copy of work order. Highlighted work performed, cost-$0 including shipping. If I had time and some more ammo I'd probably swap scopes on my model 70 but I'm too busy going to the woods/fields/waters. Stay safe-aim small. IMG_2578.JPG IMG_2579.JPG IMG_2575.JPG

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    Fitch, tell your son congratulations on his acceptance from me please. Our youngest is finishing her masters this year.
    Ernie: Congratulated you on your goat on 24hrcf but will say it again here. I think Bob Milek would be proud of you, maybe Steve Herrett as well.
    Last edited by dewman; 10-26-2021, 05:11 PM.


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      Will do, thanks!

      Great news about the scope, and glad to hear youโ€™re busy getting out there too.




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