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I have a 14’ Armstrong Blackjack fiberglass duck boat. For the last several years I ran the boat with a 23 hp long tail mud moto

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  • I have a 14’ Armstrong Blackjack fiberglass duck boat. For the last several years I ran the boat with a 23 hp long tail mud moto

    I have a 14’ Armstrong Blackjack fiberglass duck boat. For the last several years I ran the boat with a 23 hp long tail mud motor, though great in thin water and stump fields, the top end speed was 12 mph – hard to get off big water in a storm. Recently I went to a Hyper Drive Sport mud motor after contacting the manufacture directly about performance and options. I was looking to pick up at least an extra 5 mph; unfortunately I went backwards with a new top end speed 6 mph. In working with the manufacture as well as a local engine service shop, I have verified the engine’s rpm, changing the ratio of the motor pulley and added a fuel pump – same results. The next step was to try a new prop. In contacting a prop manufacture I was informed that the issue really is that Sport Drive mud motors only work well with flat bottom boats. They do not work well with modified “V” bottom boats. Is this the case? Am I better off looking for a different boat?

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    I think you already have your answer. You can use a mud motor on it but it will be slow. No prop is going to give you the 10-15mph increase you are looking for. I have owned several mud motors. The longtails and newr shortails work well with long narrow flattbottom or round bottom boats. Tunnels, v's, mod-v's are all not meant for the mudmotor application. Too bad Mud Buddy or their dealer was more concerned with selling another boat rather than telling you it would not work...bad form. Try a jonboat 16-17ft and you will be surprised at how much faster you will go. Dont get anything too wide. 1752 1648, franly anything would be better than what you got. If you are set on using your Blackjack just dont be upset when the guy with a 5hp passes you by. If you want to sell your hull call email me : [email protected] I already have a nice airboat.




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