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what is the best flashlight for spotting animals from very long distances easily(100 yards-300 yards or maybe more)? I want some

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  • what is the best flashlight for spotting animals from very long distances easily(100 yards-300 yards or maybe more)? I want some

    what is the best flashlight for spotting animals from very long distances easily(100 yards-300 yards or maybe more)? I want something with a great focus and something that shines bright at very far distances also.

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    May I ask about your intentions before I answer? In many states it is illegal to spotlight even if you don't have a weapon with you, so check your local laws.


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      With all due respect, I don't think there's any legitimate use for a spotlight that can illuminate animals 300 yards away at night. If you truly just want to observe them, either do it in daylight or get a trail camera.


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        I use a 4 cell Mag light that does a great job of lighting up a blood trail or a path within several yards of my feet. I have never had the need to light up animals at great distances and frankly, I don’t see a justifiable reason why anyone else would either.


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          Illegal in Ohio.


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            Mostly what they said. Otherwise, there are some re-chargeable multi-million candlepower lights available on the net.

            Sometimes The Sportsman's Guide (for example) has them.


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              In New Jersey it is legal to spotlight deer at night up until midnight. If you’re stopped by law enforcement and you have a firearm, a crossbow or a regular bow inside your vehicle you will be arrested and go right to jail. You will stay there until somebody bails you out.

              I used to stop deer when I was a lot younger just to see what size bucks were eating out in the fields. Since the invention of trail cameras you no longer need to spot deer at night. The trail cam will give you close up photos of the big bucks, bears and turkeys that are in your area.


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                This might an old thread, but to help others and If you want to know more about them or if you need more recommendations, try checking at link added. Hope it helps


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                  I haven't found a reliable flashlight that can reach out very far yet. I need a long range flashlight for checking cows in the winter. We calve out in the field and it is nice to be able to make sure they don't have any problems without having to disturb them by getting too close. A 300 yard flashlight would be a great help for us.




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