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Would you please take a look at a hunting product I have invented, and am bringing to market. This is my first, but I have m

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  • Would you please take a look at a hunting product I have invented, and am bringing to market. This is my first, but I have m

    Would you please take a look at a hunting product I have invented, and am bringing to market. This is my first, but I have more coming, the second is only days away from being patented. I have included links to our websites to see it, and one of the dozens of emails I have received so far. I would appreciate any review by you, positive or negative. Thank You, Olen Olen, I’ve got to tell you, what a great concept you have in your inflatable tree umbrella. I have a couple of the screw in type umbrellas that, quite frankly, frustrate the heck out of me. It takes so long to put them up. There are so many ties to get untangled. And worst of all, sometimes, depending on the type of tree, the long rod that screws in to the tree, sometimes is difficult to get to start or doesn’t even go in the tree. You inflatable umbrella design solves all of these related problems and makes installation a snap. Olen, hats off to you for your ingenuity and design of this product. It is awesome! American ingenuity at its finest! Congratulations on a fine product, Chris Christopher Marchak Director of Membership New Castle County Chamber of Commerce 12 Penns Way, New Castle, DE 19720

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    Looks great.....very well thought out.


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      Is this now the want ads or something?


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        You should put up a youtube video of it being demonstrated as well as a video of it on your website (I didn't see one). Also, looks like someone has a product called air brella already but I noticed yours has a (I) after it?... If I can't see it in a store I would want a demonstration of how it works before I fork over $35.


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          Congratulations on your new invention.

          It looks good but do you need the air and the air can? Couldn't you use a firm camouflage umbrella with a Velcro attachment? No hard feeling it just my opinion. The air could cause it to bounce like a ballon?

          I couldn't stand hooking up the old style hunting umbrella because you needed to screw a rod in your tree then you needed to tie it down.
          Putting on rain gear was much faster that.
          Here a link below on your new invention.
          Gary New Jersey




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