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In the April issue, there is a review of fixed-blade knives. The 4-star ranking is given to the SOG Revolver Hunter, with a lis

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  • In the April issue, there is a review of fixed-blade knives. The 4-star ranking is given to the SOG Revolver Hunter, with a lis

    In the April issue, there is a review of fixed-blade knives. The 4-star ranking is given to the SOG Revolver Hunter, with a listed price of $40. On the SOG website, the Revolver Hunter has a list price of $120 and is shown as being discontinued. I was able to find a SOG knife called the "Fusion Revolver Hunter" with a list price of $40, which is set to debut in May. Can somebody please clarify which knife was actually reviewed by Dave Rhea in the magazine?

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    The knife we reviewed in the magazine was in fact discontinued. Unfortunately, this wasn't brought to our attention until it was too late in the magazine's production process. However, I'm told by the folks at SOG that the "Fusion Revolver Hunter" is virtually indistinguishable to the Revolver Hunter...aside from being $80 cheaper. That's why we listed the new price on the discontinued knife. Sorry for the confusion. Hope this helps.

    John Taranto
    Gear Editor


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      Hm, virtually indistinguishable to the Revolver Hunter. Make you wonder how the guys who bought the more expensive knife at$120 will feel about the guy who gets a knife that is virtually indistinguishable for $40. For me, I would be unhappy.


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        Thanks John. Is there a way to get more details on the differences between the two knives? I'm on the waiting list to order the Fusion when it comes out, but would like to know why this version is $80 cheaper. There's got to be a few reasons...


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          I am checking with their marketing manager Chris right now - I will pass along the info when he gets back to me.


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            Hi Dave,

            Any response yet from your contact at SOG?

            Thanks...patiently waiting.


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              Sorry for the delay... Yes I heard back from Chris. He said: "The only other difference is the steel. Otherwise they are identical." He didn't specify what steel they are using now.


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                Whoa, time for somebody to come clean, here! I just received my new SOG Seal Fusion Revolver, and there is another, very critical difference. The Fusion revolver does NOT have the SS liners that the earlier version had, which gave it it's strength and durability. The handle of the Fusion Revolver I just received is just Zytel with no backing. I can literally squeeze the two sides together. And therefore, from what I can see, the pivot pin only has the Zytel to hold it in place. A much inferior and weaker design than the original, in my opinion. Also, the sheath is a very unimpressive nylon affair with a weak-looking hook and loop closure. That all said, it may be OK for what I paid for it (less than $40.00), but it is NOT the knife the now discontinued model was (BTW, I am actually a huge fan of the main line of SOG knives).


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                  Correction - when I examined my knife under the light of day, I can now see thin strips of what I presume to be SS on the inside of the handle, creating a minimal liner. So there is some support for the pin and handle other than the Zytel. Not nearly as robust as I remember of the original that my hunting buddy had, but then again, neither is the price! Oh, and the blade steel is listed as 440A.




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