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I try to keep a low visual profile while wade fishing. My buddy thinks I go overboard when I wear camo on the water. He usually

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  • I try to keep a low visual profile while wade fishing. My buddy thinks I go overboard when I wear camo on the water. He usually

    I try to keep a low visual profile while wade fishing. My buddy thinks I go overboard when I wear camo on the water. He usually does well even when he wears bright-colored shirts, but I think I beat him out on bigger fish. What's your take on the importance of the color of your fishing clothes? -L. Tracy, Boston, MA

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    In a nutshell, it depends on where you're fishing, the water clarity, how deep the fish are and what you're fishing for. In shallow, clear saltwater, for instance, a white shirt and hat alerts fish whether you're wading or in a skiff. I won't show up in red or bright yellow on a shallow clear-water stream even though the colors can make for pretty pictures for your bragging album.

    Going the extra step and wearing camo shirts, shorts and caps (one manufacturer is Aqua Design; can make a difference with extra-spooky fish in open-water environments (tropical flats) or in some of our more open spring creeks out West. This isn't really the case on typical freestone streams and rivers, where any muted coloration tends to blend with a woodsy background. Besides, in those rivers, if you're close enough to present a silhouette directly against the sky, you're too close.
    -Jerry Gibbs, Fishing Editor


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      i wade fish to but u should were not so dark colers for shorts and maby a color that wont look like a shadow and liter t shirt and is depends if ur fishing at a walsh out were the water will be murcy.


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        Jerry Gibbs has it right--it depends on the conditions. I think being quiet is more important than how you look though--wade as if you were stalking and don't kick too many rocks around. Sounds like you do fine just as you are and who's to say it's overboard? Heck, I have a friend who wears camo pajamas to bed. (Not sure who he's trying to hide out from...)


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          If color doesn't matter to fish, why am I paying all this money for fancy colored lures!!??!!

          But um... are your camo waders blue? Or are you using a woodland pattern in the water? I might make fun of you for that as well. (in good nature of course)




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