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What do you wear for a cold-weather hunting coat?

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    Originally posted by fitch270 View Post
    My kid has taken to "borrowing" a Carhartt stonewashed jacket I bought back in the late 80's-early90's for casual wear. Cool looking coat, but cut a bit short in the torso to keep me warm in cold weather. I also have a pair of insulated bibs I break out when it's brutal cold but no snow. My biggest issue with those is the freeze/thaw that happens getting in and out of the truck all day when there's snow on the ground. The stuff sticks to the cuffs, melts and soaks in, then when I get out at the next stop more sticks to the wet fabric and keeps repeating. By the end of the day I have icecicles up to my thighs. Pretty much why I gave up on anything cotton if it's not bone dry out.
    I wouldn't know anything about that "borrowing" business. 😉

    T shirts are the only clothing I have issues with being long enough in the torso, then I discovered the military surplus store in town sells army PT shirts for $1. Sturdy T shirts that actually fit for $1 apiece is hard to beat.

    I've had similar experience, but my solution for non-insilated overalls was to tuck them into tall topped boots. As a rule I don't wear my insulated overalls when I'm going to be in and out of a vehicle frequently.
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