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Lake Erie Walleye Boom

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  • Lake Erie Walleye Boom

    In case you have been on another Planet, the Walleye fishing in Lake Erie is spectacular. A few good spawns back in '03 and '05 and we are seeing the results now and Ohio says it will continue for some time. Some fish are 30+ inches (15 years old and the State says they can live to 30 years old) Google Port Clinton or Vermillion for fishing charters. Good Luck. Jim

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    Originally posted by PigHunter
    Jim, thanks for the report. I've only seen Lake Erie once and that was in February 1984.

    It would be a long trip from Alabama for me to fish there. Perhaps one of these days just to say I did it.

    Are you fishing there on a regular basis?
    still don't have my boat completely ready so I just watch the guys come back in with their coolers full. going to work on hooking up my radio and speakers today at the marina so should have everything just about done. I was working at home the other day and hit the button to close the door and a fishing pole must have fallen in the path so it got cracked like a twig. good thing I have a lot of extras. Then back to the range tomorrow and then we have some rain moving in for a couple days.
    You should check on flights going North - main fishing town is Port Clinton, OH. I talked to a guy in the marina and he said last year he caught 379 fish. He only keeps the 4 to 5 pounders like I do. I have put a lot of 10+ pounders back.




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