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Should a Charter Boat Captain require that all fish caught during a paid charter be released? Should it depend on the species c

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  • Should a Charter Boat Captain require that all fish caught during a paid charter be released? Should it depend on the species c

    Should a Charter Boat Captain require that all fish caught during a paid charter be released? Should it depend on the species caught? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Captain Ed

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    It's your boat, and this is just my opinion, but I'd say species should have something to do with it.
    Like marlin are'nt they tag/release? I've only been once and did'nt tag up so I'm not sure.


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      I wouldn't have a problem paying for a catch and release charter, but you may find that some people would prefer to keep whatever the law where you are allows. Maybe you could make your own length limits so if someone caught a real trophy they could have it mounted.


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        I definitely think customers should be allowed to keep, but I think sizes and species should be considered. I like Chris' idea of making your own size limits. That can help to regulate the waters just a little more. It also depends on whether you are talking about keeping them for meat or for trophy mounting. If they are just keeping a bunch for dinner, thats fine but YOU should probably regulate, just to make sure they are not keeping ones too small. If a fish is legal to take but is borderline for eating size, then let it go. Give it some time to grow. I don't have a problem with keeping fish for trophies but maybe you should limit it to 1 fish per species per person. They may catch 2 fine fish and want to mount both, but is that really necessary? Let the other one go to make more healthy babies. well, there's my 2 cents, hope it helped. good luck!


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          Thanks for the comments. On our charters, we encourage catch and release, especially when we get muskies. They have to be at least 48 inches long in the St Lawrence River to keep them. Fish that big are usually females, so we suggest releasing them to help keep the population as high as possible. However, if anyone wants to keep a trophy, and or a few smaller fish for lunch, more power to them. Capt Ed.


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            I sounds like you already have a good system in place. Just keep using your commone sense and you'll be fine.


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              Hey Ed, Your system sounds grat as it is. Most people have different views when paying for a charter i.e. some just enjoy the thrill of the fishing, some want to retain what they what they catch for the table and others are just trophy fishers. For the tropy fishers there are some taxidermists that can build a fish just from pictures and measurements. The mount is a lot lighter for the wall but looks just as nice. Unsure of the price but whatever and the larger fish should be released for spawning. Just my opinion..


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                You're there to drive the boat, find the fish, and bait hooks.




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