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Ok I have a question I have been catfishing for some time now and love it. However I was looking into a different kind of fishin

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  • Ok I have a question I have been catfishing for some time now and love it. However I was looking into a different kind of fishin

    Ok I have a question I have been catfishing for some time now and love it. However I was looking into a different kind of fishing since most of my reels are lighter. Andbim afraid they will not hadle the stress of a 30-40 lbs cats we usually catch every now and then . The reel I was speaking of is the pfluger president. And I have a few more like it. Now heres my question I fish off the bank since I do not have a boat whatvis a fish that I can consistantly catch off the bank I fish in laurel lake area. And I know its a hard question without knowing the area but I was just wanting opinions I was told bass fishing really needed a boat but to be honest I dont use a boat much I had one and sold it I would rather fish off bank anyway to be closer to the wildlife than in the middle of a lake. Any responses would be appreciated

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    That reel should hold up if you keep it cleaned and maintained. You could also look at an Abu Garcia 5600 C3 for heavier use. The 5600 will also work well for any bass fishing you might do. I fish a few rivers for cats, bass, and walleyes with chest waders. That will open up a few more areas.


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      -Yeah, I do not think your reel could handle the 30-40 pound catfish unless you really know what you are doing. If the area you fish in allows for it, you could set out some bank lines for catfish? Like you said, it is hard to suggest fishing ideas without seeing the area. I would just try throwing out a bobber and some worms and see if you can find an area holding some bluegill. If you find an area with some a good number of bluegill you could switch to a crappie jig and maybe catch a few crappie or bass as well.
      Even the 4600 would also work.


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        Sure, the 4600 woukld work but the 5600 gives you alot more line capacity if you're handling a big fish.


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          yeah i appreciate the responses let me ask this a different way what would be a good fish thats harder than bluegill but not extremely hard to catch for an intermediate level fisher im newish to artificial lures since i was strictly catfish so i would like to learn more of that i guess what the best fish to learn on i know alot of people will think bass but in my area the good spots are only accessible by boat.


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            If not, bass then it is kind of limiting. Northern pike and pickeral would be the same situation as bass. letr me ask you this, are there any streams or rivers in your area that have populations of bass. Rivers are fun to wade and fish for smallmouth.




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