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I recently put together a "play" tacklebox for my 4 year old son. After removing all the hooks from the spinners and crankbaits,

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  • I recently put together a "play" tacklebox for my 4 year old son. After removing all the hooks from the spinners and crankbaits,

    I recently put together a "play" tacklebox for my 4 year old son. After removing all the hooks from the spinners and crankbaits, I noticed on their packaging that these lures all contain lead. I have never seen that before. I know lead is toxic only if ingested, but are these safe for him to handle?

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    Just make sure he doesn't stick anything in his mouth and he will be fine.
    -If you wanted to play it extra safe you could put a clear coat of paint over the lead parts of the spinnerbait to prevent any contact at all.


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      Heavy metal poison is not a very good thing to take a risk with. The human body, I am sure, can handle small amounts of toxic metals, but if a small child swallowed 1/4 once of lead all at once, it could possibly have serious side effects or even be fatal. Also the risk of choking on a lure should be taken into consideration. I am not against teaching fishing to young children, but it needs to be with constant adult supervision to prevent an accident. Young children are a natural resoure for the future and we as adults need to try to protect and pass on our knowledge to them.


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        I certainly wouldn't recommend it. Lead paint can chip and flake and become ingested.

        Also, minute particles of the lead paint can rub off through handling, resulting in potentially inadvertant lead ingestion.

        You were wise to inquire. Don't do it.


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          Yeah, I agree with JM, put a coat of clear, non-toxic varnish or sealer over them, and make sure he doesn't play with them (or any small objects) without adult supervision, and you'll be fine.


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            I don't think I would take the chance. If he is playing with them and puts his fingers in his mouth, thats not something I would chance with my little ones. Carve some out of wooden dowel rods and let him color them up with some crayola markers.


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              My Grandpa did plumbing when he first got out of college and handled lead pipes for years and never got sick. How he got the job though? The man who had it before him went insane due to lead poisoning. So you do need to be careful with lead, the damage done by it is permanent.


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                Thanks for the advice. These lures were all recently purchased, so they are brand new. Is it safe to assume there is no lead based paint on them? But, where is the lead in a plastic based crankbait? In the body to help it sink?


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                  @horsedr93 - 1) Nope, most of the new lures I buy have a lead warning on the packaging, so just because they're new doesn't necessarily mean they don't have lead in them somewhere.
                  2) I don't know for sure, but the plastic-bodied lures may not have lead in them, if the paint isn't lead based, it should say one way or the other on the packaging, but to be super-safe I would check with the manufacturer.




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