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***I want to start icefishing this winter but need some advice and tips.I've only done it once or twice when I was about

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  • ***I want to start icefishing this winter but need some advice and tips.I've only done it once or twice when I was about

    \*\*\*I want to start icefishing this winter but need some advice and tips.I've only done it once or twice when I was about ANY advice is helpful, including gear, bait, safety, automatic or hand auger, tactics, where to fish in the lake itself, when to fish, etc etc oh and esp tips for trout, like where to find them and what to use for the big trout

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    If possible go to the lake and ask the people fishing, people in bait shops, etc what they use. Each lake is different, so local information would be extremely helpful.


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      Where are you from? Basic gear are some tip ups, I prefer wooden traps. You don't need the best gear out there to catch fish though, as long as the spool works and trips the flag that's about it. I've used hand augers and gas augers. Gas augers are faster and are heavier than hand augers. If you are going to fish a lot then a gas auger might be an investment, but I like the hand auger for packing in to places, they are simple and easy to use as long as you maintain your blades. The way I fish for brookies is nearer to shore or inlets anywhere from just under to maybe 5 feet under the ice. If you know where there are large rocks or sunken logs and trees(which can snap a line easy) there are likely fish there. Togue typically are taken near the bottom, though if you know where the smelts are moving in coves shallow water is effective sometimes. A jig pole will help you with those slow days keeping you occupied, pretty self explanatory. Bait I've used shiners, smelts(probably the best), suckers, worms. I've seen guys jigging use wax worms and meal worms to good effect on a variety of fish. If you are new to it I would start building gear slowly, many inexpensive and very functional traps out there for 10-15 bucks a piece, used even less. Put on some braided ice fishing line with a barrel swivel and then a leader(I prefer flouro for a leader 6-9 feet). Tie on a hook and put on a sinker and you are good to go.


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        Wear some ice pics around your neck in case you break through the ice. Check youtube videos, lots of good stuff on there.


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          Well gear wise I would say that ice shoes are really helpful. They just slip over your boots or shoes and give you traction. Ice picks are super important if you fall through as to help you get out. As for augers any will work its just up to you on how much time to spend drilling. I personally have a hand auger but i'm planning on getting a gas auger due to the fact that the hand auger takes about 5 minutes to drill each hole. The times differ but around where i fish it picks up at night especially. I basically only use grub worms for where i fish because we mainly have lots of crappie and bluegills and bass will bite too. For larger fish, larger bait helps. I don't fish much trout in the winter though so your on your own there! Good luck and have fun!




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