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OK, I want to start flyfishing and don't know where to start. I do not know anybody who fly fishes, and I want to start ASAP. I'

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  • OK, I want to start flyfishing and don't know where to start. I do not know anybody who fly fishes, and I want to start ASAP. I'

    OK, I want to start flyfishing and don't know where to start. I do not know anybody who fly fishes, and I want to start ASAP. I'm not looking for the best gear possible. I just want a setup to get me started. I was wondering if there are videos or what. And if you live in the Black Hills,SD area I would pay $$ to learn to fly fish!

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    Back when I worked for Lew Childre the way I was taught to cast was with a seventy five cent cane pole and a 20 foot piece of knitting yard tied to the tip. I had to learn to keep the loop during the cast real tight and uniform. Once I had the motions of casting down to where it was just automatic, then I got a split bambo pole and reel. I had to learn and practice how to retrieve next. I finally did get to the point that I could fly cast good enough to be able to demonstrate the basics but I was too involved with baitcaster and rod design to continue. I never had to do a lot of fly fishing because I always had experimental baitcasters that would cast light weight flies. But I still go to the fly rod to cast extremely long distances with a very light fly to catch snook.


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      Cabelas sells some very nice starter kits which include poles, reels, tackle, flies, and a very informative DVD for fisherman of all skill levels.


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        The Orvis Company not only sells fly fishing equipment across all price ranges they also hold schools- Many are regional and key on the regional tactics and equipment- and after you get a hang of it you can decide on how much you want to spend on your gear- I learned how to fly fish back in the 60s as a young lad- fly fishing was relatively unique to most anglers- I had to read voraciously from the school library which had several really good books on it, watched the Greatest flyfisherman Lee Wulff on every outdoors TV program I could. I then progressed into fly tying with a very understanding Grandmother who know what to get me on birthdays (my first fly rod was tubular steel and a single action reel and a Cortland level fly line and knotted mono for leaders) I was a killer on local pan fish progressing to a Wright McGill 8 weight as a preteen and now have numerous rods of 4 to 9 weights and reels- still tie my own flies and thrilled when a Coho hits a Crystal Shrimp pattern and it tail walks when fishing in Alsaka ( I even taught some Bosnians I worked with when deployed 10 years ago to Bosnia for three years how to fly fish ) I hope you get the lessons and enjoy a great past time (must admit it's more than a past time now)




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