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  • Top three. (3)

    We all have our favorites.

    First favorite!
    What is your favorite species of fish to eat?
    1. my favorite is Pacific cod. clean, white flesh.
    2. Crappie, another clean, white fleshed fish
    3. Salmon, preferably grilled then make patties out of the left overs.

    What is your favorite species of fish to catch?
    1. Salmon, bites are few and far between, but great action
    2. Crappie, the fight doesn't last long, but when the bite is on, it happens often! 😃
    3. Always loved the electric charge strike of a bass! What a charge!

  • #2
    Next you’ll ask me which of my kids is my favorite. And just cause I harp on about the boy means nothing.


    #1 Fried ……… No particular order, for freshwater: Walleye/Crappie/Perch are all about the same to me. Salt water; I’ll put Cod at the top followed closely by Haddock then Pollack. Anything we caught is better than fish bought regardless. Throw Catfish at the tail end, good eating but only something I’ve ever eaten in restaurants.

    #2 Grilled Salmon/Trout. Again prep trumps the individual fish, same/same to me mostly. Honorable mention to pan fried brookies. Maybe sentimental favorite if not culinary.

    #3 Believe it or not, Sushi. Something fairly new to us and quite enjoyable.

    Catching? Whatever is biting.


    • #3
      Fave kid?
      The youngest has blue eyes, the oldest, brown.
      Solved that problem at a very early age with a favorite "blue eyed" and a favorite "brown eyed"! LOL! It's worked over 40 years!


      • #4
        To Eat:
        #1 - Dorado (Mahi Mahi)
        #2 - Red Snapper

        To Catch:
        #1 - Small Mouth Bass
        #2 - Large Mouth Bass


        • #5
          To Eat:
          #1 walleye/yellow perch
          #2 depends how it's cooked/prepped
          #3 cold water fish
          To Catch:
          #1 Top water fly in creeks/streams
          #2 top water popping plugs/buzzbaits or slow rolled on top spinner baits in creeks/streams
          #3 Anything in a new place or method


          • #6
            Stripe bass
            Small mouth
            Brook trout

            favorite to eat




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