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Small water lures, what's your go to?

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  • Small water lures, what's your go to?

    I have settled on fishing streams & small ponds with only paddle tails(rigged either by themselves or beetlespin style), 4" worms, & floating rapalas. Used to use buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, assorted swimming plugs, spoons & torpedos too but a floating rapala does just as good with I think a better hookup ratio. Sometimes when my shoulders/arm is really getting me I might toss a popper and just give it a twitch or two. What are you fellas tearing them up on right now?

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    When we finally get to it I’ll be using mainly 2” or 3” curly tail grubs, Trout Magnets, Phoebes and a few assorted spinners on the river. For ponds and lakes add in some Rapalas and 2”-3” tube jigs. I’m pretty much done trying new stuff and will be sticking with the basics for the most part. Problem with that is when you fish with someone else and they’re cleaning up with something you don’t have while you can’t get a bite.

    One thing I do need to try is Rapalas on the river. I hear some guys hook up on big Browns using them but it’s never been something I’ve used for that.


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      I like an original Rapala on small rivers. Get good results with Rooster Tails on small streams.

      On lakes I'm going to start using Culprit Red Shad - 7.5 inch with Gamakatsu red 2.0 hook and 1/8 oz bullet weight.


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        Any kind of little spinner type baits. Beetle spin style and such.


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          Dug worms and a bobber.


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            Short tail beetle spins, white, black, yellow or motoroil.

            Mepps in yellow or black.

            Tiny tubes in red w white tail fringe used to be dynamite on smallies.


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              Bass i run bigger beetlespins.
              LIke jitterbugs and rapala for top water.
              Jigs and Mepps have worked well.

              Rubber worm fishing i never got the hang of.
              No boat, so am a bank hunter.

              Sometimes wade for em


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                May buy a jon boat when the crash comes.
                No deals to be had at this time


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                  I've had a couple of jon boats and got rid of them. Now down to two canoes and need to get rid of a 5hp two-cycle outboard motor.




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