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  • Ice Fishing

    Anybody doing any ice fishing ? What Lake ? Any success ?

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    Can't do it around here - no freeze up. I sure do miss it this time of year though. Lake John in Colorado, Houghton lake in Michigan, some smaller lakes. Little tents and shanties. Didn't have a power auger though. Don't miss that hand drilling. Forgetting a scooper to keep the hole clear so you had to do it by hand was a bummer too. Didn't have those battery powered heaters to keep holes clean then.(I don't think?) I envy you guys that still get to do it. It's a blast.


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      Not yet. It’s been a couple years since we’ve had safe ice to go out on so it’s something to look forward to if the weather stays cold enough. We’re not hard core about it but under the right conditions try to get a couple outings in.


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        Where I am, ice in the water kills the fish! LOL!




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