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Anybody catching any good fish lately?

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  • Anybody catching any good fish lately?

    Bass season opener tomorrow in NY. We can fish for bass catch-and-release all year long anyway, but it's usually right about now that the smallmouths start showing up in my local rivers. I'll probably wade a couple miles tomorrow and hopefully get a good mixed bag of smallies, browns, maybe a walleye or two.

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    Super Walleye fishing from Cleveland along southern shore of Lake Erie to the Western Basin. Good size walleye, some perch and the ones caught are good size. For a Charter boat, look for those out of Vermillion, Ohio. They take 4 or 6 people 1/2 day charters.


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      Our smallmouth are already in the creeks been getting them. Also having fun doing carp fishing. With all the rain we've been having waters are high and muddy but when it clears up a little fishing is good. Already got my Muskie but with the water still cool I'm going for another trip here real soon.


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        While duck hunting this past winter the creek I was on was constantly alive with fishing jumping even on the most frigid mornings. Come to find out, they’re mostly gar. Me and a buddy I work with have been several times and have yet to bring one in, even after having hooked up to them multiple times. But that creek has produced some good channel cats, brim and a couple bass- along with loads of wood ducks.
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