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Zebco xlr35?

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  • Zebco xlr35?

    Among the stuff I got from my friend's house sale was an older rod and reel. I asked her how much she wanted for it, and she said just take it. The rod is a South Bend Concorde SST. I looked that up, and it appears to be pretty cheap. But the reel is a Zebco xlr35. I'm having a hard time finding info on it, other than it's fairly old. Anyone know anything about it?

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    One place says made from '73-'78. E-bay has 2. 1-$10 & 1-$15.
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      Zebco is historically the Yugo of the fishing tackle world.
      My first spin cast setup was a Zebco "ZeeBee" 101. A guy at church took me bass fishing.
      We caught about 40 bass in the 2 to 3 pound range!
      Ground the drag in my Zebco 101 smooth as a baby's butt! LOL! So I went and bought another one!
      I think they were $3.95.
      I was working at the auction barn hustling weigh tickets from the ring to the office making 75 cents an hour. Probably made $2/$3 per auction.
      Rich man!


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        Yeah, they have always been a cheap reel, but if working there is still a use for it. One example being that we often use cheap rods/reels as an alternative to bank lines for catfish. Basically just as a beater setup that we aren't afraid to throw around. Also would be good for a pre-rigged bluegill or crappie setup..something you could just leave against a wall or in a car and not worry about it.


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          I come across a TON of Fishing gear, If it a Penn Reel any size I buy it, I have a Nam-Vet friend wheel bond that rebuilds them and sells them on ebay.


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            I think it comes from their Langley purchase in the 60's. They wanted to capitalize on the open face craze so they purchased Langley and their patents and adapted some of them.

            Check the link below for more info.




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