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I've always tied a plain old clinch knot and never had it fail me. Big smallmouths and largemouths, big carp, big browns ... never had the knot give way. When I'm snagged and I have to break off, I never have the knot fail before my line snaps.

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    Originally posted by NG7 View Post
    I like the improved clinch knot better because to me they pull tight easier then the regular clinch knot but that is just my personal opinion. I have tried quite a few knots and the improved clinch knot just seems to work the easiest for me,
    but if the knots you use work for you and suits your purpose than go with them, there are always going to be people who say you did it wrong.
    Right on. I'm not worried about being told I'm wrong; I've been fishing for forty years and feel pretty competent; I was just wondering if others had had different experiences.


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      Originally posted by Okwaho View Post
      I'm an idiot. Now that I've posted this question, sometime in the next few days I'll hook a monster fish -- and I'll lose it when my plain old clinch knot doesn't hold. I really should have thought that through ....
      I'd expect nothing less, JM.


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        My main fishing knot is the uni. Uni to uni is great for tying two lines together, as well as heavy leader to line.

        I've had the clinch and improved clinch fail enough times not to trust it. Most of my fishing is done from a big pier in the Gulf of Mexico where the chance of hooking into something big, like a king mackerel, is very good and I am not going to use a knot I can't trust. Also, I use Momoi monofilament which tests up to 50% higher than its rating, at the same diameter of any other mono in its class---tough stuff.




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