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Ever found anything interest while hunting/fishing or snagged anything cool while fishing? Reason I ask in first comment below.

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    Originally posted by charlie elk View Post
    On warm spring days while turkey hunting the late season along the Mississippi. Skinny Dippers; sometimes interesting and at other times, too much information.
    Maybe that's it. I'll have to wander over to your side more often.


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      Originally posted by Okwaho View Post
      Couple summers ago I found an old metal tacklebox on the shoreline of a state-land pond that gets fished pretty hard. It was full of rusted homemade spinners and old spoons. I think it was probably in the pond, maybe someone dropped it out of a boat years ago, and someone had found it when they were swimming or snagged it while fishing. When I was a teenager I found a weird-looking single-blade sheepsfoot Swiss Army knife on the bank of the river near my house. I still have that and use it all the time.
      Nah. Not even in my embellished memories of my childhood.


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        Originally posted by bowhunter75richard View Post
        Unfortunately I have never found any material things, but there have
        been a few times I was pretty excited just to "find" my way back to
        where I started. I have "found" that can relieve a lot of stress and in
        it's own way be quite a "find".
        I've definitely had some moments hunting and backpacking where I had to make a legitimate effort to take my bearings. There was a spot I used to bowhunt where I swore there was some kind of spatial rift. I'd walk down a utility clearing, cut up into the woods along a creek for a few hundred yards, veer away from the creek for a quarter mile or so, good funnel along a steep 60' ridge with a saddleback in it. Never once did I get back to the utility right of way by the same path I took in. I'd end up never hitting the creek in the dark and coming to the utility a few hundred yards away. Part of it was topography and the brush. In the dark some of the thickets that I cut through on the way in were a bear on the way out when you couldn't see each and every stalk of thorns. And the terrain weirdly bifurcated on that side of the creek and kept you turning away from it. I could swear at times the woods were turning me on purpose. Such are the thoughts when you're working your way out alone after dark.


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          Several years ago I was fishing for grayling in the headwaters of the Chena River above Fairbanks, AK.

          While walking along the river, I noticed what appeared to be a part of a jacket cuff sticking out of a sand bar. I tugged on it, and pulled out a perfectly good Army field jacket...!!

          In one front pocket I found several stainless steel snelled leaders w/swivels. In another pocket I found a handful of .44 Magnum shells...!!

          I used the jacket for many years...but never had a clue as to why the jacket was there, or as to who the previous owner was...!!


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            Originally posted by JM View Post
            Today while fishing a public pond I snagged a broken St Croix rod with a Shimano Curado still on it. My guess is that someone broke their rod and threw it in the water out of frustration....soaked the reel and cleaned it up and works pretty darn well for something that was underwater...don't think it was down there very long though. Obviously rod was no good, but I actually salvaged the rod seat and handle for another rod of mine.
            I have a friend that throws his shotgun when he gets angry. Then calms down and retrieves it from the field or woods, lol!


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              My parents found a dead man floating in the lake they were fishing. Apparently he had been down for about 18 months before surfacing.




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