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Hi...!!I've always wondered...that during torrential rains...which make the trout streams running MANY times faster than normal...What happens to the trout...??Do they get washed away...stay where they are...or what...??

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    Originally posted by huntfishtrap View Post
    Depends on how bad the flood is, and how much structure there is in the stream to shelter the fish. On streams with a good amount of rocks and logs in the water, as well as sharp bends to break the flow, most of the fish just hunker down out of the strongest current and wait it out in all but the strongest of floods. But in poorer streams, or really bad floods, some do get washed downstream. When you get one of those events, it can make for some interesting fishing, because trout (and other fish as well) sometimes end up where you've never seen them before.
    huntfishtrap, my knowledge of spinners on a one to ten basis is a minus six. I don't know why
    that is one lure I know nothing about. Too busy I guess with learning how to use others means
    and being somewhat successful with them. Are there tricks to presentation and retreive or are
    they pretty much straight forward to use ? And are there certain spinners that are easier or
    better to use ? I can imagine these questions are pretty basic to most fishermen, but this one
    knows nothing of there use.


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      Fast moving rivers and streams have calm spots called an eddy.
      The trout find these spots to avoid the fast current.
      These three guys shown below in the photo, are taking a break in a large eddy.
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